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Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Kirk has provided surgical treatment, consultation advice, and regional referrals to experienced surgeons for patients nationwide.

Dr. William  Kirk has practiced oral and maxillofacial surgery and  the subspecialty of temporomandibular joint surgery for over 30 years.  He served as President of the American Society of TMJ surgeons from 2003-2005.  Patients have  benefited  from these years of experience in both surgical and non surgical management of orthopedic disease and impairment of the human jaw joint.  Our practice is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Dr Kirk has been privileged to help patients both surgically and in an advisory capacity from throughout the United States.  He will also provide consultation services and refer to competent, experienced  surgeons located throughout the United States and world wide who are registered surgeons and associated with the American Society of Temporomandibular Joint Surgeons.

Dr. Kirk is committed to providing patients with comprehensive care regarding significant orthopedic problems of the TMJ.  Patients can be managed surgically and non surgically.  Most patients, however, are seen after years of non surgical management that has not been successful and chronic pain and impairment have progressed


The human TMJ is unlike any joint in the body and is accepted to be perhaps the most complex. We are all familiar with sports injuries and terms such as “ACL or MCL” ligament tears of the knee, rotator cuff tears of the shoulder etc.  Often the damage is only amenable to surgery.

There are significant consequences of trauma and growth and development that can impact the TMJ in similar fashion.  Many of these issues are only amenable to surgery.  This web site is dedicated to discussion of those issues and is designed for your education of these conditions.


The US National Institute of Health estimates that 10 million Americans have what is commonly referred to as “TMJ.” The dental and medical literature estimates that at least 10% of these individuals will either have or be progressing into a serious level of disease only manageable with surgery of the joint itself.

This web site is designed to educate patients and providers about this potentially impairing condition and treatment options.  Emphasis is  placed on medical imaging and early diagnosis and management.   Please visit our blog section for essays and photographs of surgery, MRI imaging, and other discussions of orthopedic disease and derangement of the TMJ.

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